Turning Towards the Vastness

There are a few things we humans need: 

Food, water, some form of shelter from the storm. 

And alongside these, there's a need that's as important, but cries out less urgently than an empty stomach or dry mouth. 

We need to be seen. To be known, recognized, acknowledged. 

Despite advances in access to food, water, shelter, when it comes to seeing each other, we still fumble.

We can work with people, play basketball with them, live with them, be in the same family with them, and still not know them as they hope to be known. 

So there's a question that may help us here. It's not a question for just any time or place. It requires a safety, and an intimacy. But when a worthy moment arrives, we can inquire: 

What's a question you haven't been asked that you wish someone would ask you? 

If there isn't a ready answer, that's normal. We are so unseen, many of us have shrunk into that as our default state.

The question, though, opens the door. When we ask it, we could say, 'I want to offer this question. Take all the time you need. We can even pick this conversation up later. '

But this question isn't just for others. It is also for ourselves. For we, too, need to see ourselves. 

Perhaps, then, we can start by asking ourselves the question. And if we don't have a ready answer, that's normal. It's likely that we are so used to not seeing our whole selves that we have shrunk into only the parts we can see. 

The human soul is far vaster than the human mind can comprehend. We may never be able to see the wholeness of each other, or ourselves. But with this question, we can turn ourselves towards the vastness.  

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