What Makes an Artist

Here's what I think an artist is: 

An artist is someone who puts something into the world that wasn't there before. And makes the world better for it.  

The art could be a sculpture, a quilt, a finger painting. It could also be a potluck that brings people together, a new take on blueberry cobbler, a piece of human-centered policy, a swing set, rock garden, house, community park. 

In other words, I'd love for us to have a big, generous idea of what an artist is - and that's not only someone who has an MFA and uses oil paints. 

An artist is a person who takes an idea and risks creating it, whether the creation be tangible, like a piece of pottery or new hiking trail, or intangible, like a piece of music or school of thought. And the world is bettered for this creation being in it - be it more beautiful, connected, honest, or playful, kinder or braver, or something else entirely. 

So, we need not be Picasso or Kahlo to call ourselves an artist. We need only be courageous enough to put our heart into the world. And leave the places we are in a little more human than we found them.   

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