The Scope of Our Vision

If we dream of a forest, we will plant for a forest.

Hale storms, wind storms, dry spells might happen. We could lose half the seedlings. But we will still have the other half.

Which is more than we'd have if we only dreamt of a grove. 

This world, this glorious, heartbreaking globe we spin on, will often take our big vision and pint-size it. The unwritten law of nature seems to be that it will always be easier to destroy something than create something. 

That's a hard truth. But herein lies the tragedy: often, we ourselves pint-size the vision before we even put it into the world.

A forest?! That's too huge, we decide. Be realistic. Maybe we could do a grove? Or perhaps just line the road with some trees. 

So we put our pint-sized vision into the world. And when the hale storms, wind storms, dry spells come, we are left with a tablespoon. If anything. 

It is huge to dream of a forest. But huge is what our time asks of us. We can no longer afford pint-sized visions that become tablespoon sized-realities. 

It's time to allow the scope of our vision to be bigger than our hands can hold, our expertise can solve for, bigger than we're comfortable with. We might not realize the whole shebang in our lifetime. But then we know we're working on something worthwhile. The stuff that matters won't be transformed overnight. 

So let's begin. We have a forest to plant. 

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