What We Don't Need to Earn

Here's one thing I'd love to write across the sky: 

We don't need to earn our self-care. 

We don't need to suffer to be worthy of it. 

We don't need to have walked 14 miles to deserve a warm bath. 

We don't need to have worked 13 hours to go to bed an hour earlier. 

We don't need to have had an agonizing day with our family to take ourselves for a long, slow walk at sunset. 

Our existence alone makes us worthy of care for it. 

And existence, which is a rare, precious, fragile thing - perhaps the most rare and the most precious - not only deserves, but needs our loving attention. 

We don't question the care for other rare, precious, fragile things. We understand why a FabergĂ© egg has expensive glass casing and a world class race horse gets premium feed.  

So when it comes to caring for ourselves, caring for our existence, we don't need to justify it - to ourselves or others. 

We only need to do it. To give ourselves the care worthy of a rare, precious, fragile thing. 

Which, of course, we each are. 

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