The Feel of Success

In our society, we get spoon fed an idea of success that has a certain look to it. 

And that look often involves money. A Big Wow of a job. Gorgeous family. Ownership - of a great house, snazzy car, the finer things. Seen at the right events with the right people. 

But there's a problem with just focusing on the look of success. Something can look like a million bucks and feel worthless. Stories abound of people who had the picture-perfect life, checked all the right boxes, and woke up one morning to realize they weren't happy or fulfilled. 

So what if we shifted our idea of success away from the look of it and instead focused on the feel of it? 

What does being successful feel like for us? And that could vary from person to person. 

For me, success is a sense of excitement when I wake up in the morning, a feeling of abundance and arms-wide-open possibility. 

For you, success could be a feeling of calm and capability; no matter what happens, you have in you what you need to be with it. Or feeling like you have enough and are enough. Or something else entirely. 

Your success could look quite different than my success. But they are both equally successful. 

So, perhaps instead of chasing the general look of success spoon fed to all of us, we can focus on finding the individual feel of success that makes sense for each of us. 

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