People and Their Parking Meters

I love watching people trying to figure out parking meters. 

Nearly gone are the grey, Mickey-Mouse ear meters you pumped fistfuls of quarters into. Today's meters are fascinating machines that could require anything from a hard-to-locate parking space number to an app you have to find wifi to download to the one kind of credit card you don't carry. 

We huddle around the meters. Our glasses are pushed up on our foreheads. We lean in. We squint our eyes. We furrow our brows. We pay deep attention to these meters. 

And since it seems that no two meters are quite the same - one block uses one kind, another block, a different kind - every meter demands a high level of human attention. 

Then, of course, there's the vigilance about when the meter will expire. We set alarms, check our watches, end our lunches, shopping, coffees because of the meter. We orient our time around it. The stakes are high, aren't they? 

So, what if we paid as much attention to each other as we do to parking meters? 

What if we gave our deep attention to people? After all, no two people are quite the same and each one does demand a high level of human attention. 

How incredible a world it would be if we were vigilant about people. By which I mean, we acted in such a way that let people know they mattered to us. 

Because the stakes are quite high. Could a stake be any higher than another human? 

We know we can give our attention to things, we do it masterfully with parking meters. So let's take that masterful attention and share it with each other, too. 

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