What's on the Other Side of Worry

We human beings know a thing or two about worrying. 

In fact, some among us know a thing or 52 about worrying. 

But rarely can we worry ourselves into a better state. For worrying, perhaps the yeastiest of all emotions, feeds on itself. It grows and grows, and hardly ever in a calming or constructive direction.

So what are we to do about it? 

My mother threw me a great anchor when I was starting to drift off into a churning bout of worry. 

Worry is love looking for an outlet, she told me. We worry because we care. About our friends and family, our work and health, our homes and our world. 

But worry often misdirects our care, sending it down a street that deadends in angst and unease. That's hardly an outlet for care. 

When worry starts to spark up, before it turns into a flame, I try to pause long enough to find out, What do I care about here? 

Maybe it's my time and not wanting to waste it. Or my career and not wanting to stall it. 

But when I can find the thing I care about, I can choose to give that care an outlet. In other words, I can choose to act from care, not from worry. 

And when we human beings choose our care over our worry, it almost always puts us in a better state. 

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