What Happened Outside an Airport Bar

If you were at the Dallas airport one afternoon in June, you would have seen a small group congregated outside a bar. 

You would know that they didn’t know each other. One woman stood at the far wall. A man was a few feet over from her. At the near wall, a scattering of men were around the bar door. 

But you would notice that all of them had their heads tilted up. 

If you tilted your head to follow their gaze, you would see that they were watching the World Cup - Nigeria versus Argentina. 

They didn't yet know that Marcos Rojo would score in the 86th minute, locking the match for Argentina. They were still in the grip and suspense of the moment. 

If you watched this group watching that game, you might feel a tenderness move through you. These unconnected travelers paused together outside an unremarkable airport bar because this thing mattered to them.  

And you would know that there were other groupings of other strangers watching in other airports, street corners, hotel lobbies around the world. Their heads all tilted up, their eyes all watching the same thing. 

There’s something sweet about strangers caring in unison. 

Our connection to each other can be so hard to see, feel, know. But here was a quiet story of it, being written by seven travelers in Dallas. 

You would know this moment wouldn’t last. The game would end, these strangers would go to their flights. 

But for a few minutes one June afternoon in the Dallas airport, a small group of unconnected travelers stopped outside a bar, tilted their heads up, and cared about something together. 

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