A Simple Practice to Grow Our Awareness

This may be one of my favorite new practices. 

Choose one thing we take for granted: electricity in our house, literacy, being able to walk, a car that drives or a bike that gets us around, our relationship with our partner, parent. 

Now, for one week, bombard this thing we normally take for granted with gratitude. 

When the car starts, thump the wheel and say, Thank you, thank you! 

When our mother answers the phone, take a moment to tell her how terrific it is to hear her voice. 

When the kitchen goes from dark to light with just one switch flipped, stop for the count of five and name what the light enables us to do: find the measuring cups, set the stove to the right heat, not trip over the extension cord. 

This practice has 101 manifestations: if a week seems too long, we could do it for one day. Or we could choose one week and do a different thing we take for granted each day. 

And our gratitude can have 101 expressions - we'll know the ones that work; they will be the ones where we feel our energy change and amplify.  

But the essence is this: take fewer things for granted and give more things our gratitude. Not just give, but bombard. 

Because while we may regret being too unappreciative, we will likely never regret being too grateful. 

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