The Art of Making History

You and I probably both took a history class. 

Likely, we could rattle off some of the big names we were taught about: Napoleon, Gandhi, Churchill, MLK. 

But there are countless history makers we aren't taught about. They are veterinarians and technicians, cobblers and childcare workers, the ones who built the pyramids thousands of years ago and the tour guides who show people around them thousands of years later. 

The truth is this: We are each in the business of making history. 

History is not just the shot heard round the world, the printing press, the Silk Road, the things that get into books and asked about on tests.

History is the traces we leave behind us. And not just after we're gone. But the traces we left two days ago, over dinner last night, after the conversation we had this morning. 

With each ordinary moment, we are leaving our trace on the places we have been, the people we have been with. So with each ordinary moment, we write another line in our own history. 

It might not be the moment people rattle off from history class. But that's only one way to measure impact. There's also the impact we make on the lives we touch in the arc of any given day. 

There is so much we can't choose, that's a well-reported fact of life. But we can choose to consciously author our own history, a less-well-reported fact of life. 

At any given moment, we hold history in our hands. So how will we author it? 

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