Sharing in the Good Stuff

A woman in a purple t-shirt is looking out at the ocean. 

She glances back at the boardwalk that runs along the shoreline. She catches my eye. She smiles. And she says: 

The dolphins are out this morning. 

I look where she had been looking. I see waves, foam, the sun on the foam. Then I see the dolphins. 

First a fin. Then another fin. Then gray bodies arcing through the waves. There are three, maybe four of them. 

I didn't think the ocean water could be more beautiful this morning. But here are the dolphins making it so. 

I turn to the woman in the purple t-shirt. 

Thanks for sharing this, I say. I didn't know they were here.

The woman nods, smiles, turns back to the ocean. 

She didn't have to share the dolphins. She didn't have to risk that I wouldn't care or make time. 

But she did. And my morning is larger for it. 

I thank the woman in the purple t-shirt again. It was good to see those dolphins. And it was good to be reminded that sharing is worth risking. 

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