Deepening Our Connections With Each Other

If you identify as an adult (which I do from time to time), it may be easy to scoff at the idea that we can always deepen our connections with each other. 

I'm not four, we may say. I know how to make and keep friends. 

And in many ways, we do. We may send holiday cards, go to weddings, text the occasional hello. 

At the same time, there's a widespread sense of disconnection in this country. Many wonderful, brilliant souls feel apart and isolated, needing more of that vital human nourishment for which there is no substitute. Surely, we have all felt this from time to time. 

But the wonderful thing is this: we can each do something to deepen our connections - if we are willing to invest in our friendships, put real time, effort, intention into caring for them. 

Set up frequent calls with dear pals who live many states and time zones away, even if it means going through multiple rounds of scheduling to find a time. 

Send a note - the kind that takes a stamp and paper - to someone going through a hard time, celebrating a big moment, or just letting them know you love them. I still get a rush when I think of opening up my PO Box to find a handmade card from a friend filled with affection. 

Texting odd articles, signs, sightings only you and your buddy would appreciate - a Snapple-loving friend and I text Snapple facts (found under the lid of Snapple bottles) back and forth. 

We are relational creatures. And relationships take our time, our care, but above all, our love. Anything we do to invest in our friendships is, ultimately, an act of love. And love is one powerful antidote to disconnection

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