Thinking About Our Speaking

It is common at the beginning of the week to hear: "I've got a case of the Mondays."

It is common in the middle of the week to hear: "Humpday!"

It is common at the end of the week to hear: "Thank goodness it's Friday!"

I've said these things. Maybe you have, too. 

But let's pause for a moment: do we believe them? 

Because those Mondays and Wednesdays and every other day we got handed free of charge when we came out of the womb, we don't get them back. So we had better believe what we say about them. 

Perhaps we don't believe what we're saying. Perhaps we are saying it because everyone else is saying it. Or because we think it will be more warmly received than, "IT'S FINALLY MONDAY - HUZZAH!" We think we will fit in and belong if we say these things. 

It's also possible that we do believe these things - that Monday is hard and Friday is a big relief. From time to time, that's normal. Some weeks rake us over the hottest of coals. But if every Monday is hard and every Friday is a big relief, it may be time to see what we can do to make our days less coal-raking.

That's not easy. It's much easier to yell, "Humpday!" and hear the office cheer. But the work of treating our time with respect and admiration is some of the most important work of our lives 

I'm not suggesting we banish these phrases from our lexicon. I'm only saying that we are well-served to think about what impels us to say them. To decide if they are true to us. And to do our human best to speak only what we believe. 

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