Two Simple, Beautiful Gestures

There are two small gestures that move me tremendously. 

They both occur in similar settings and have similar impacts. 

The setting: a group. Let's say it's a clutch chatting at a backyard barbecue. And let's say I want to join that clutch. 

So, I walk towards them, holding my iced tea and my anxiousness that I'll be stuck hovering uncomfortably on the outside looking in.

Someone in that clutch notices me and steps out to expand the space so I can join. And my anxiousness melts like cold butter on warm toast. Because with one small backwards step, that person said, You belong. You're welcome and wanted here. 

Similarly, say there's a group chatting around a full table. I arrive, not wanting to create a scene, but worrying I'll have to sit on the side. Someone notices me, gets another chair, makes room for me. And my worry slips away like scent on the wind. 

It's an amazing thing: gestures so simple can dissolve feelings so strong

These acts are incredibly hospitable, in the biggest and most gracious sense of the word. Because these acts convey nothing short of this: We were waiting for you. And this is better for you being here. 

Which is a simple, beautiful thing to tell another human being. 

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