Keeping Nourishing Conversations In Our Life

There's so much more to talk about! I say into the phone. I'm standing on a street corner in Maine. 

I know! my friend says back into the phone. She's standing on an island in Alaska. 

Okay, I say. I'll text you and we'll find another time to pick up where we left off. Another time that's soon. 

Excellent, my friend says. 

So I do. And two weeks later, we pick up where we left off. Of course we don't get to all we want to get to. So I send another text to schedule another call. But I also decide something:

I will do whatever needs to be done to keep nourishing conversations in my life. 

It's easy for me to just focus on friends who are geographically proximate. But it's unlikely that all the wonderful souls we need in our life will be in the same area code. Plus, talking to friends down south and out west reminds me that how things are up north isn't the way things are all over. 

Now I have a handful of extraordinary friends in far flung corners of the country who I talk to regularly. It can take a few days to schedule a call. Sometimes we have to cancel and find another time.

That's all fine. I already made the decision that I'd do whatever it takes to keep the calls going. Because these friends fill my cup right up. In no small way, maintaining these conversations is an act of self-care. 

And when we talk regularly, some beautiful things happen: we go past the Big Life Updates and into both the sweet details - how my optometrist's appointment went, the wood the contractor ordered - and probing philosophical conversations about focus and creativity. 

There are so many things on earth that don't nourish us. But there are so many people on earth who do. And for me, making that nourishment a steady part of life is an incredible counter to all the non-nourishment on earth. 

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BelongingCaitie Whelan