The Intake & Output Balance

A friend of mine has an elegant approach to work and rest. 

If your work calls for a lot of intake, she tells me, I've found a good way to rest will be some output. 

So let's say our job requires a lot of reading, learning, listening. That's some serious intake. A restful counter to that would be creative output: painting, drawing, gardening, knitting, cooking. 

If our job demands a lot of writing, decision-making, planning, designing, that's a whole lot of output. Rest would be some good intake: reading, listening to podcasts, watching a Seinfeld rerun. 

But if my work is output-heavy and I try to rest by rearranging the living room or crocheting, I might not end up feeling very restored. 

It's an intake-output distribution. Balancing one with the other for maximum energy. 

Now, we're all a bit different. Some input-laden days, we may feel like reading that long National Geographic article after dinner, and that's just fine.

But if we're sensing that our rest could be fuller and deeper, it might be worth seeing if we need to bring some more balance to our intake and output. 

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