A Powerful Mood Booster

Here's a short, sweet mood booster: 

Choose one small human interaction: buying your morning coffee, talking with tech support, ordering chicken salad at the deli, paying for gas, waiting with the other parents outside school at pickup time. 

Now, supercharge that small human moment with love.

Be totally with the barista as we pay her, wish her an unstoppably terrific morning. 

When the tech support agent says his name, make sure we catch it and use it. Lovingly.  

With real big care, ask the deli associate how she's doing. Ask in such a way that she can't help but know that her answer matters to us.

With the other parents, keep our phone in our pocket. Lift up our head, look them in the eye, make sure they know we see them, hear them. 

Why would this boost our mood? Or, more pointedly, why would any of this matter? 

It helps take us out of our head and into our heart, which can bring all kinds of compassion into our current state of being. So it matters because of that. 

But it also matters because of this: we're in this together, all 7.5 billion of us. And we rise and fall relative to our ability to live alongside each other. 

So, let's be a part of our rising. Let's use our small interactions to remind people that they aren't alone in this, that they are cared for, that they do matter. 

And in so doing, I can't help but think that we elevate our mood and the whole human mood. 

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