We Don't Always Have to Have the Solution

A friend and I had been emailing back and forth to find a date for coffee. 

We'd gone several rounds, but our calendars were oil and water. And, as often happens, the emails stopped and we went about our lives without a coffee date. 

Then, a while later and out of nowhere, I got a note from my friend. 

You've been on my mind a lot, she wrote. I don't have a solution to our calendars, but I wanted to say hi and hope you're well. 

And I was blown away by how much I loved this. There have been too many times that I haven't gotten back to someone because I don't have a resolution to our scheduling or an answer to her question or haven't made the connection I told him I would. 

But what my friend showed me was that we don't have to have the solution to say, Hello! We can have connection without solutions. 

It was liberating, like she'd given me permission to be in touch and to care for someone, despite an outstanding item in the air between us. 

And that care, she taught me, was more important than that unresolved item. 

I triple love this note! I wrote back to her. We're so solutions-hungry, aren't we? 

But what this wonderful friend taught me is that having connection trumps having solutions. 

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