Four Terrific Words

This post can be boiled down to four words: 

Learn it, share it. 

But since the good stuff's always in the nuance, let's unpack it. 

Say I want to learn how to plant a lemon tree, retrieve a ring that fell down the drain, conjugate Finnish verbs, take better nature photos with my phone. I can hop online and watch videos, read articles, get step-by-step tutorials.

And I can do that because of generous women and men from all corners of the globe who figured out how to do something, then shared it with the world. 

Sure, some of them are paid or sponsored. But plenty aren't. Plenty are just folks who gathered a bit of expertise and took the time to pass it along. Which is pretty great. 

And because of them, I have come to believe that one of the finest things we can do after we learn something is share that knowledge.

Not so we can plump up our ego. But so that another human can benefit in the way we have benefitted. 

Knowledge hoarded dies on the vine, starved of the richness of many minds kneading it, contributing to it, strengthening it. But knowledge shared ripens, expands, nourishes. 

We're in this together, after all. The business of living is not a solo sport. We rise and fall relative to our ability to walk beside each other.

And when we share generously, abundantly of our learnings, experience, imagination, we help smooth the path alongside us. 

So, now that we've unpacked it, I'll end this post as I started it - with four terrific words:

Learn it, share it. 

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