All the Evidence We Need

Let's say I believe people are fundamentally in it for themselves. 

I walk out my front door and I'll see evidence of that. Drivers running red lights and honking at pedestrians, headlines about corporate titans beefing up their salaries while cutting benefits for janitors, nobody smiling when they walk past me. 

Now, let's say I believe people are fundamentally goodhearted. 

I walk out my same front door and I'll see evidence of that. There's the woman holding the door for the father and his two little boys. The big rumbling truck that stops for the older couple walking their older dog. The jogger I smile at who gives me a grin back that could melt an iceberg. 

Two people with dissimilar views of human nature can walk through the exact same day and see wildly different things. 

Whatever our beliefs, we'll find evidence of them in the world. Often without even realizing it. Our eyes, and our minds behind them, will seek out what confirms our beliefs. 

But we choose our beliefs. Which, in many ways, means we choose what we see. 

And that's a powerful choice to make. 

So, of all the things we choose, perhaps one of the most important and most easily overlooked is this: What is the world we will choose to see?

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