Give Ourselves the Best of Ourselves

Today, a question for you and me: 

When was the last time we gave ourselves the best of ourselves? 

We learn, usually unconsciously, to give our finest away - the best hours of the day go to work; the best of our patience and stamina to our partners, children, wicked problems; the best of our heart to friends, family, noble causes. 

To be sure, much of that reverberates back to us. Often beautifully so. 

But what I'm talking about is giving the best of ourselves straight to ourselves.

What if tomorrow, we gave our best thinking hours to figuring out how to be a better friend of ourselves? Or our best attention to that creative project we've been hungering to start? Or our best courage to saying no to someone who wants our time and yes to giving ourselves some downtime? 

In other words, what if we attended to ourselves with real love? 

We may cry, Indulgence masquerading as self-care!

But real love isn't indulgence; it's nourishment. And as many wise souls have said, our ability to nourish others is limited by our ability to nourish ourselves. 

Our attending to ourselves is, both directly and indirectly, our attending to others. So we don't face them empty-handed and empty-hearted, ungenerous and exhausted. But with a hugeness of spirit that can only be found if we return some of the best of ourselves back to ourselves. 

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