The Art of Door Opening

If you or I have a wild idea, just about anybody could make a face and tick off 101 reasons why it won't work. 

Never been done before. Not enough time, money, connections, ink cartridges, Post-It notes. 

Those reasons are a dime a dozen. I could come up with them, plus 101 others, myself. 

But here's the person I love: the one who says, Now that's wild - tell me more! 

They are the rare ones who choose possibility over cynicism. It doesn't mean they chase rainbows and naively build their lives on flimsy notions. 

It means that they believe in opening doors first, rather than immediately slamming them shut. They may close the door later. But they'll give it an honest chance.  

As others have said, much that's commonplace today was a wild idea once. And it exists because somebody somewhere risked opening a door to see what was behind it. 

But here's the other side of it: these people don't just open doors for others; they open doors for themselves, too. 

Some people come out of the womb like this. But if not, any of us can choose to be a door opener for others. And, just as importantly, for ourselves. At any time. If we didn't choose to be one in the morning, we can choose to be one this afternoon. It's never too late. 

Because our time desperately needs more door openers. More who believe in possibility and abundance over cynicism and scarcity. 

The world will close plenty of doors for us. No need for us to do it to ourselves, too. 

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