Something Truly Wild

Here's something wild: 

Every morning, I put two pieces of plastic in my eyes and the world goes from formless to crisp and distinct. 

Another wild thing: We can turn a knob and a cold room becomes a warm room in minutes. Or we press a button and go up 27 stories (about 270 feet, 47 times my height) in seconds. 

We can look into a piece of glass and metal and see across 238,855 miles of universe to the surface of the moon. 

It's bananas. 

We can walk down the sidewalk talking about your new bean dip recipe, and our legs will go up, go down, stop at curbs, step over puddles without us even having to interrupt our discussion of bean-to-cumin ratio. 

With one inhalation, our nose can tell us, "Skunk!" or "Lilacs!" 

A seed the height of a thimble can become a tree the height of a house. 

We can have light in the dark and dark in the light. Not to mention umbrellas, trigonometry, goat cheese, spellcheck, airplanes, waterproof tents. And so much more. 

We're guests at one wild party. We can deny, dismiss, overlook it. Or we can show up to it with a grin and enough party hats and horns to go around. 

My hope? May we all, as our friends in the 1980's would say, party on. 

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