Ways to Say, I See You

One of the most fundamental human needs is also one that so often goes unmet: 

To be seen. 

But here's the wonder of it all: We can rectify this. Me, you, any and all of us. 

Unlike the other human needs for food and shelter that can require money, coordination, lots of time, we can see each other with little more than a few seconds and our heart titled in the right direction. 

There are so many small, but significant ways others have seen me. A few that stand out: 

They looked me in the eye. When I was a waitress, I learned that if I could tell someone the eye color of the people I was serving, we'd had a real human connection. 

They called me by my name. We so rarely hear others call us by our name. But when we do, it's quite powerful. It feels like they are nowhere else in the universe but here paying attention to us. 

When they were with me, they didn't do anything else but be with me. Their phones weren't out. They weren't looking over my shoulder at who just came in the room. Their bodies and minds were right there with me. 

There are other ways to see people, of course. Listening, caring, showing up for them, and more.

But here's the thing: so often, we feel like we can't make an impact on the world. And yet here's the truth: each time we interact with another human, we have a chance to see them. We have a chance to fulfill one of their most powerful needs. 

And there are few things more impactful than that. 

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