An Essential Thing to Take Responsibility For

The other night, I went to a ukulele concert with a bunch of friends. 

People brought their ukes and we strummed-a-long to "500 Miles." We sang-a-long to AC/DC (which sounds quite fine on the ukulele). We clapped. We cheered. It was a wild good time. 

But more than anything else, it was a word adults don't use much: it was fun. Really, really fun. 

I walked out of that concert and I made a resolution: From now on out, I am taking responsibility for having fun in my life. 

Kids do it. They bang pots, scream down water slides. They make forts, color outside the lines.

But somewhere between the sandbox and the cubicle, fun falls off the radar for many of us. We take responsibility for our work and our families, our health and our house, our taxes and our gardens. And rarely squeeze in a moment for playfulness and merriment. 

Which is a shame. Because fun makes whole humans out of us. It softens the ego, opens the heart, elevates the spirit, puts us squarely in the present moment. It reminds us that we are not the sum total of our work. 

So, I'm going to more sing-a-longs and play-a-longs. I'm taking a salsa class. Maybe I'll do some karaoke.

In other words, I am learning to put some of the most valuable resources I have - time and money - towards fun. And that, I think, just may be part of our responsibility if we want to be whole humans. 

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