The Importance of Where We Locate Ourselves

Every day, fire trucks scream by the window in front of my desk. 

Lots and lots of fire trucks. 

A bunch in the morning, another bunch in the afternoon. Sometimes more than a bunch. 

It's become a non-affair to see cars pulling to the side of the road, the fire fighters in the front seat in their bumblebee-colored jackets, the fierce and urgent light of the sirens. 

Is the city I live in uniquely prone to fires? Does the wind blow off the water in such a way that every lit candle or cigarette is a potential threat? Are there a disproportionate number of wood houses heated by wood stoves? 

The answer to all of the above is no. The reason so many fire trucks roar past by desk is because I work on the same block as the fire station. 

If I worked on the same block as a cycling shop, I might think everyone in this town bikes. If I worked on the same block as a swanky firm, I mighty think everyone in this town dresses to the nines. 

Where we locate ourselves hugely influences how we see the world. Often, without us even realizing it. 

So it's helpful, now and again, to take a bird's eye view, and see just where we're placing ourselves in the world. And how that might be skewing, shifting, shaping the very way we are seeing the world. 

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