An Easy Way to Grow Our Awareness

In the evenings, I write for about a minute in a journal. 

It's not leather-bound. There's no special pen I use. I don't light a candle. 

My journal is a document on my laptop that I dump about a minute of reflection into at the end of the day. I make the barrier to entry low so I can't talk myself out of it. 

I can write anything I want in it, but I'm not done until I've acknowledged three things about the day: One thing I learned, one thing to celebrate, three small things I'm grateful for; I think of it as my 1-1-3 journal. 

The purpose is to expand my awareness to include these things. Learnings, stuff to celebrate, things to be grateful for happen every day. But I may overlook them unless I train myself to place my focus on them. Which is where the one-minute journal writing comes in. 

Often, I end up writing more than one minute - more than one learning or one celebration, and usually I find there are plenty to choose from when I shift my focus to them. But anything above and beyond the 1-1-3 is frosting on the cake, the only requirement is one learning, one celebration, three small gratitudes. 

This journaling is one of the easiest ways I know to expand my awareness. And I've noticed how the awareness spreads throughout my day - something happens and I'll think, That learning's going in the 1-1-3. Or a friend does a small, compassionate act and I'll say, That's one for the journal! 

I chose learning, celebration, gratitudes because that's what I wanted to bring my awareness to. But it could be compassion, generosity, connection, the list is endless. 

But if we're looking to expand our awareness, to see more of what easily goes unseen in our life, a short journal practice is a simple place to begin.  

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