Things to Know When Making Change

Let's say we're making some change.

Maybe in our life. Maybe in the world. But it's change we believe in. 

There are a few things that will almost certainly happen:

It will go more slowly than we want; change works on its own time horizon.

Some will feel threatened by it, or by us. 

The status quo will throw up obstacles: People won't understand us. People will tell us it can't be done or we can't do it. We may question our ability or sanity. Or feel the pull of the known and the familiar. 

There won't be a roadmap. Maybe others have done something like it. But it's the first time we've done it. So we're fumbling our way in the dark. 

We will feel uncertainty. We will want certainty. Perhaps desperately so.  

That will all likely happen. But our work isn't to report to the status quo, to the doubters and non-believers. Our work is to be loyal to what we believe in, which is this change we're making. 

And to know this: it is the people who refuse to accept how things are as how they should be who move the world forward. 

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