What It Takes to Radiate in the World

When I saw the cut daffodils in the store, they weren't in water. 

They were in dry plastic tubs. And they looked fine. They hadn't opened, but they weren't withered or limp. I picked out a few bunches. 

At the checkout, I mentioned it to the woman ringing me up. 

I think they get shipped without water, too, she told me. 

For real? I was surprised. 

Yeah, she said. Water makes them open. But if you keep them dry, they'll be fine and won't bloom. 

And as she said it, I realized that it's easy to live like that - getting by fine, but never giving ourselves what we need to bloom. 

We can do it for years and never wither or go limp. But not withering is no measure of success when we have it in us to open up and expand. 

I took the daffodils home, got out three vases, snipped their stems at an angle, and placed them near sunlight. The next day, there were huge, wild chaoses of yellow in the vases. And it was like joy in material form. 

So this is what we can do, I thought. But we must risk giving ourselves the water, light, nourishment we need to not just get by, but to open up and radiate in the world. 

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