What We Can All Do in Each Moment

Perhaps you've heard that lush, sweeping idea: We all come into the world with something to give. 

I believe it.

I'm also a little overwhelmed by it. It can paint us into a corner of trying to figure out, What's my thing to give? How do I find it? It feels huge, epic, hard to crack. 

I've found it helps to bring it down to a human scale, and reframe it like this: 

In each moment, we have something to give. It may be a tip at the coffeehouse. Space at the table for the latecomer. Our attention to the woman who honestly answered, "How are you?" Compassion for ourselves when we miss the mark we were aiming for. 

If we pay attention, we may notice that some forms of giving light us up, soup up our energy. And there's a good chance that form of giving is a conduit to the larger giving our life, and the world, asks of us. 

So rather than try to find that one single burning thing we, and only we, can give, perhaps we can shift our attention to this very moment. And what we can offer it. 

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