Of Calendars & Credit Cards

There's an idea out there that I appreciate. 

It's been articulated 101 ways, but here's a way that resonates for me: If I show you my credit card statement and my calendar, you can tell me what my priorities are. 

The basic premise is that how we spend our time and how we spend our money are powerful ways we live out our values in the world. 

But let's take it a step further: What are our calendar and credit card statement investing in? 

Are they pushing us towards growth and learning, perhaps time and money spent on books, courses, workshops? Are they nourishing fresh connections with new people, places? Are they keeping us right where we are, steadfastly maintaining the status quo? Or are they investing in something else entirely? 

If we aren't delighted about what our calendar and credit card statement are saying, let's not spend time in self-judgment. That's a de-energizing catalyst for change. 

Instead, we can choose to use it as a moment of waking up. Perhaps we'd fallen asleep at the wheel, repeating habits that don't serve us. We're human; that happens. Now we're aware of it. And awareness is the first move towards transforming it. 

There are 101 ways we can invest our time and our money. Why not choose to use them in service of being the people we want to be?  

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