A Myth Worth Dispelling

There's a pervasive and powerful myth out there. 

I've told myself it, and maybe you have, too. The myth comes up when we have a new idea. And it goes something like this:  

If this was a good idea, somebody else would've already thought of it. 

Perhaps we got the idea when we were fed up with the quality of the supermarket's pasta sauce selection, annoyed with the line to board an airplane, frustrated at the post-winter potholes in the road.

There's got to be a better way to do this, we think. Then we start dreaming up better ways to do it - make our own pasta sauce! Add this compound to road salt!

Then the myth pays us a call: If this idea were so smart, the pasta sauce and road salt pros would've already done it. 

It chokes the life out of our idea, our creativity, our spunk. Stay in your lane, the myth says. Your moxie's no good here. 

But here's the thing: Maybe no one has had this idea; we won't know until we explore. And if someone has, no harm or foul to us. But if no one has, we may be onto something. 

I'm all for kicking that cranky old myth to the curb. It serves no purpose other than to dump untested ideas into the dustbin of history. The only thing we owe that myth is to ignore it. But the one thing we owe our ideas is a fair hearing.

So here's to our ideas. May they have a home outside the dustbin of history. 

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