Putting Our Voices Into the Cold Air

The chant was full and loud. 

Under the early spring sun, the people marching held up their signs and called out in unison. 

The sound filled the street, bounced off the sides of buildings, surged through the city. It was huge, sweeping, powerful. 

But it didn't start like that. 

It started with one man calling out his one voice into the cold air. A man in sunglasses heard him, and joined in.

Two voices in the cold air.

Then another joined.

Three voices in the cold air.

Then another and another and another until you didn't notice the cold air. You noticed the thousands upon thousands of voices in it. 

And those thousands started because of one man. Then another. Another. Another. 

Big, powerful things start in ordinary human places. If we risk putting our voice into the cold air.

There's no guarantee the man in sunglasses will join us. But we'll never know if we don't try. 

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