The Brilliant 15-Minute Strategy

I'm on the phone with a colleague. 

She's got a big writing project she's working on. We get to talking about how she's making time for it. 

I commit to writing for 15 minutes a day, she tells me. Often, I end up writing for 30 or 40. But I commit to at least 15. 

I love it! I say. And I'm thinking about all the creative undertakings that never made it into the world because the creator thought anything less than an hour a day wasn't worthwhile. 

The time that's worthwhile is the time we can make, and maintain. Sentences get written, paintings get painted, websites get designed minute by minute.

Fifteen minutes a day is fifteen minutes moving the work forward. Which is infinitely better than an hour spent not working because we felt like we couldn't make the time. 

I thank my colleague, cheer her on. She's left me excited, delighted. There's no question in my mind: it's only a matter of time before her work arrives in the world. 

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