What to Do With a New Idea

Let's say you or I get a new idea. 

It's fresh, unvarnished, untested. We've got real energy and curiosity around it. Likely some real fear, too. 

What do we do with the idea? 

First, pay attention to it. Anytime we've got excitement for an idea, that idea's worthy of our respect and our time. 

Second, be thoughtful about who we share it with. A new idea is like a baby bird; it will fly, but only if given the right balance of nudging and nurturing. So share it with those rare people who are both nudgers and nurturers.

For me, these are people who aren't cynical and skeptical - they are the ones who tend to tear things down. But people who are openhearted and abundant - they are the ones who build things, they are the shepherds and midwives who help bring new vitality into the world. They are also the ones who will help us choose to act from our courage over our fear. 

Third, as we share and live with the idea, notice what happens with our energy. Does it rise? Evaporate? To be clear, energy evaporation is different than energy that's suppressed by fear. Suppression by fear is temporary; if we revisit the idea when we're fresher, we reconnect with the excitement of it and our energy rises again. 

But evaporation is when our energy vacates because the idea isn't in alignment with us; in other words, evaporation is permanent. And if our energy evaporates, then we can let the idea go, knowing we gave it our respect, attention, hopefully our love. This wasn't its time. And that's okay. 

But if our energy rises again and again, then stay with the shepherds and midwives, stay with the attention and respect. Nurture and nudge that idea. Because if we've got real energy around it, there's a good chance there's a place for it in the world. 

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