Two Generous Things We Can Do

What if in the next 24 hours, we did two generous things? 

First, we could connect two friends we think might hit it off. 

Or make a list of our six favorite documentaries and share it with six friends. 

Or write a note with pen, paper, stamp to a teacher, mentor, friend, acquaintance whose words moved us and we never told them. 

Or give a small donation in a friend's honor to a cause she or he really cares about. 

Second, we can be generous with ourselves. 

When we look in the mirror and don't like our hair, cheeks, neck, we could wrap our arms around our body - unnatural as it may feel - and hold our hurting selves the way a comforting friend holds us. 

Or we could spend the last few minutes of our day jotting down the ways we lived it that felt right, good, strong. 

Or we could take a few minutes to celebrate going to the gym, making a dent on that project, asking for what we want, saying no to someone we didn't want to say yes to. 

Generosity, in one of its most beautiful forms, is expressed outwardly and inwardly. Here's to practicing both in the next 24 hours. 

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