Letting Some New Light Into Our Life

I bought a little pot of succulents. 

I put it on my bedside table. I watered it every few days. 

After a few weeks, it was getting slumped and dispirited. 

I watered it more. It got more slumped and dispirited. 

Then I made a change so small I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I opened the shade of the window next to my bedroom table. I put the pot on the far side of the table, closest to the window. 

After a few bright days, the succulents were standing tall and powerful. 

And I love that little pot of succulents for what it taught me about flourishing. Sometimes, flourishing is right there waiting for us on the other side of an unopened shade. 

So where in my days is the light waiting to be let in? 

Is it shifting the time I spend reading articles online to reading books people have recommended to me? Finally saying yes to the friend who's been asking me to join her artists' group? Turning my phone off after 6pm? 

It requires a willingness to experiment. And to make small deviations from our usual ways of moving through time and space. But we'll know we've let the light in when we're standing taller, more powerfully. 

So I've found it can be an energy-enriching practice to ask myself now and again: Are there places where I'm giving myself the same old water when what I need is to pull up the shades and let some new light into my life? 

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