One of Our Most Vital Relationships

There's a relationship I've been working on for the past five years. 

It's not easy. But the more I invest in it, the more rewarding and nourishing it becomes. 

And it's a relationship with my values. I want to be in intimate relationship with my values. By which I mean I know what I believe in, what I stand for, what matters to me. 

It's one thing to talk about during those big inflection points: ending a relationship, changing work, family transitions, moving cities. 

But I want to live my values out when my flight's delayed, I'm on hold with tech support, in line to buy bananas, trying to find parking. It makes those moments that much more meaningful. They weren't things that got in the way of life; they were unexpected opportunities to live more deeply into what matters to me. 

For me, this relationship-building is weekly: I have a standing date to buy myself a swanky coffee and spend a good hour writing out what I value, how I lived out my values last week, how I'll live them out this week. 

I call it my Weekly Wake-Up; waking up from the way we get told to live and to the truth of how I want to live. 

The longer I've been doing this, the deeper my awareness of what matters to me, the greater my ability to make decisions that reflect that. 

But perhaps most meaningfully to me, the closer I come to spending my time - the ultimate finite resource - as a reflection of my values. 

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