Not the Look, But the Feel of Success

When it comes to success, I can get carried away by the look of it. 

She's got this really snappy car. He's so put-together with finely pressed shirts and smart shoes. Her phone's always buzzing, he knows all the right people. 

We've been conditioned to believe that success walks, talks, looks a certain way. And we can measure ourselves against all these trappings. 

But the more time I spend on the notion of success, the less captivated I am by the look of it. And the more interested I am in the feel of it. 

Looks are one-dimensional; in the hierarchy of things that matter, they're bottom feeders. 

But the feel of something - how it impacts our mood, energy, spirits - now we're talking in real human terms. And it is this notion of how success feels that's captivated me. 

For me, it's waking up in the morning and looking forward to the day. For you, it could be being a good friend of your mind and body. Or the security of knowing you can handle any insecurity. Or a sense of groundedness and elevation. 

There's no one right way that success feels. There's just the way that feels true to us. It may change and shift over time. But today, at this moment in our time, a question to consider: What does success feel like for you? 

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