Unlearning Tameness

I want to tell you about this incredible thing that puddles do. 

One evening, after a daytime rain storm, I went outside. The sky had cleared, the moon was high and bright. 

I crossed the street and as I was stepping onto the sidewalk, I noticed a puddle where the curb bows down to the road. It was small, no bigger than a pie tin.

But this little puddle was reflecting the whole moon in it. The moon - which is over 1,000 miles wide and 4.5 billion years old. And here was a tiny pool of water only a few hours old holding it. 

Nobody told the puddle it was too small to do that. Nobody told the puddle to stay in its lane. The puddle hadn't learned to be tame and obedient. So it did what it naturally does: it held the world in it. 

For a moment, I watched the moon in the pie tin sized puddle. It rippled and swayed on the water's surface. Then it came to rest. 

We learn to play it small and safe, don't we? I thought. And perhaps some of the big work in our lives is to unlearn it. To do what we are naturally capable of doing. Hold the world. 

As the puddle does. 

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