Diversifying Our Joy Portfolio

Diversify your portfolio, the financial aces say. 

The market's an unpredictable place. Don't over-rely on one investment; find multiple places you can get returns. 

I've been thinking about how that relates to joy. I've got a few loyal standbys to refill my joy: 1950s country tunes, dried dates, early sunlight smoothing itself across the sky. 

But sometimes, the store runs out of dates. Fog fills the morning sky. I over-listen to Patsy Cline. 

So, I've been focusing on diversifying my joy portfolio. Which means I'm looking for other things - the smaller, the better - that refill my cup.

Sending short, sweet thank you or love emails, texts, notes. Asking cashiers I regularly see what their name is, then using it. Spending my money at stores owned by goodhearted people I want to support. 

I'll keep on looking for more. The world's an unpredictable place, isn't it? Date-outages and fog happen. And the more diversified our sources of joy, the more likely we are to find it. 

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Increasing JoyCaitie Whelan