New Level, New Devil

Do you know the adage, “New level, new devil”?

I find it comforting, like an older friend rubbing my back and saying, This difficulty is normal, and you’re ready for it.

Asking for what I want used to be a struggle; I’d hint at it and dance around it, hoping people would read my mind. Which never worked. Fed up, I practiced at asking, watched others do it, built up some muscles, and it’s become not easy, but easier.

Now, one of my little devils is saying No to someone who wants my time and yes to giving myself some downtime. But what I have in my toolbox today is firmer faith in my ability to build up new muscles. And it’s a faith earned from moving through prior levels, working through prior devils until they are less bedeviling. What once was a mountain is now a small slope.

We are never absent devils; our greatest strengths are often found in working through our greatest difficulties.

And when we find ourselves facing a new devil, it’s often a sign that we’re at a new level. We worked through something, grew through something to get here. Which means we arrive at this level wiser, more resourced, more powerful than before.

So here, at this new level - though we might not feel ready - we likely have what we need to work with this new devil.

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