A Way to Refill Our Empty Cup

Recently, I had a week of weeks.

Thursday, I was in a five-car accident (no one was hurt!) and missed a flight home. Monday, I dropped a mug of tea on my laptop an hour before a flight to give a workshop with said computer (which was very badly hurt). Friday, while traveling, I broke a crown on my tooth.

Beautifully, I was not in danger or pain. Everything that happened was mendable.

I was, however, emptied and exhausted. And when we are emptied and exhausted, there’s something I’ve become quite fond of doing.

Calling warm, generous friends and saying, “I could use some TLC right now. Do you mind if I share my week of weeks?”

ABSOLUTELY! the friends responded. I unpacked my week. Oh, little honeybunch, they said during my pauses, I am so sorry. That’s brutal.

It was like they lit a fire, brought me hot cocoa, and held my cold hand in their warm one.

And these calls filled my empty cup right back up. Being cared for nearly always does that.

I used to struggle to ask for care, as though it meant I was weak. But asking for what we need - whether it’s care, advice, or dressing on the side - takes a beautiful strength. The kind that comes from self-respect and the humble wisdom that knows we, alone, can’t fulfill our needs.

When we ask others for care, we open the door for them, too, to ask. This, our very ask communicates, is allowed here. Permission granted.

We all have those day of days, week of weeks. There is no reason to power through them alone and drained. We can ask for care.

And when others have those day of days, week of weeks, we can answer, Yes, unload, honeybunch. I’m all ears for you.

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