The Power of Our Flourishing

Let’s talk, for a moment, about our flourishing.

And let’s define flourishing as being wholly alive, living and contributing to the fullest and fiercest extent.

There are certain things that nourish our flourishing: time in contemplation and time with quality people, identifying our values and spending our days as a reflection of them, strengthening our courage and loosening fear’s grip. And, of course, for each of us, the path to flourishing will be a unique one.

Now, it’s common to think that focusing on our flourishing is self-indulgent. There’s so much hurt and need out there, how narcissistic to spend time developing ourselves.

But that’s all fluff and nonsense.

One of the most powerful ways we better the world is with the quality of energy we bring into it. If that quality is cynical, scared, jealous, stressed, constantly exhausted, we will leave the spaces we are in lower and lesser for our being in them.

But if the quality is vibrant and generous, abundant and compassionate - the stuff of flourishing - we will leave the spaces we are in elevated and more hopeful for our being in them.

Our flourishing is not just in service of ourselves. It is in service of everyone we see and touch. And perhaps they will remember that flourishing is possible for them, too.

Flourishing is not perpetual bliss and smiles. To be honestly and wholly alive is not to contrive happiness. Flourishing is the fullness and fierceness of spirit to hold the whole human experience with warm and tender hands.

I think we have a responsibility to tend to our flourishing. To identify the things that nourish our flourishing and to invest in them. We owe it not only to ourselves, but but to our world.

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