What We're Ready For

Early morning, I walk by the fire station on top of the hill.

The fire engine, truck, and ambulance sit inside. Waiting. For the first time, I notice that their doors are open. They are ready. Ready to be hopped in, turned on, driven off.

And as I walk down the hill into the city, I think, Okay, so what am I ready for? If you opened up my computer or kitchen cabinets, walked into my room, looked in my backpack, what am I ready for?

My sneakers are by the door, ready for me to take my morning walk in them. The book I’m reading is in my backpack, ready to be read over lunch or after dinner. My computer is open to a handful of sites I rely on, ready for me to read them.

“What am I ready for?” is a useful question. It becomes downright powerful when we take it a step further.

The doors at the fire station are open because the fire station’s purpose, its reason for being, is to put out fires. Is what I’m ready for similarly aligned with my purpose, my reason for being?

And if that feels too heavy handed, a gentler way to frame it might be, Is what I’m ready for aligned with my values, what matters to me?

Ready, one dictionary says, is being fit for immediate action or use. So then the inquiry becomes, Is my life fit for immediate action on my priorities?

Being outside matters to me; am I ready with gloves and warm jacket easily grabable? Caring for others matters to me; am I ready with a warm heart, which is really asking am I doing what I need to do so that my heart is warm for others?

There is no question our lives are ready for many things. So, the question to ask is: Is my life ready for what I want it to be ready for?

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