The Beauty of the Opening Act

I love opening acts.

The best ones are earnest and hungry. This could be as famous as they’ll ever get. Or this could just be the beginning. No one knows.

What the opener knows, though, is that we didn’t come to see them. In fact, they’re what’s standing between us and the band we paid big money to see.

So the best openers play their hearts out. They don’t take an ounce of the audience’s attention for granted. This time under the lights, on the stage, with people - real people - is precious stuff.

I know of shows where the opener eclipsed the main act in raw energy. The main act took the lights, the stage, the audience for granted; they mailed it in. And the kinetic pulse that can fill a venue, that can leave people elated, connected, part of something that matters, fell flat.

So, I’d like to live like the opening act - hungry and earnest, putting everything out there, taking nothing for granted.

And if we do that, there’s a chance we could feel that kinetic pulse - that fierce aliveness we are all starved for - more often than just at a great concert.

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