The Ones We May Forget to Support

I once got a beautiful piece of advice:

Every so often, hold the door for someone who doesn’t look like they need it held for them.

Instinctively, I give my support to those who are in a visible struggle, whose pain is written across their body, whose heart is clearly breaking, broken.

And I wouldn’t change that instinct.

At the same time, there are those who seem made of rock and might, who seem indestructibly capable. They are the last ones we’d think to offer our helping hand to. Which means they likely don’t get many.

So often, those with great loads carry them quietly. They are used to the weight of responsibility and expectation. Perhaps, too, they are used to being unacknowledged for the amount they shoulder.

But who couldn’t use a hand at their back? And who isn’t worthy of being acknowledged? Held? Supported?

Support is nothing if not love in action. And we have more than enough love in us to give it to those who visibly need it, and those whose need is there, but nowhere near as visible.

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