A Powerful Question to Ask Ourselves

Here’s a simple question that can tell us a lot about ourselves:

What am I learning right now?

There’s no right answer, and the only wrong answer is a dishonest answer.

For me, I’m learning how to eat more slowly and how to sleep better when I’m on the road. I’m learning how much news I want to consume and how to be less dependent on my phone.

And our answer clues us into a pretty powerful insight:

How much (or how little) we’re growing. And growth is no small matter.

One of the things that sets us apart from cement, boulders, minerals is that our form - be it physical or mental - is not fixed; it was made to change its status quo again and again and again.

Some growth is unsolicited - the breakup, the job loss, the illness. But what this question gives us insight into is what growth we are soliciting. What are we doing to stretch into the fullest, bravest, most mighty expression of ourselves?

This learning can come in any variety. I have friends taking piano lessons and beginner dance classes. Others are running for office, trying new recipes, traveling solo, teaching themselves to say no or listen to people they disagree with.

To choose learning is to choose a degree of discomfort, sure. But the muscle must tear to grow. And as the writer Pearl Cleage tells us, “Discomfort is always a necessary part of enlightenment.”

Our form was made to change. Our status quo was made to be broken and rebuilt bigger and bolder. So, what are we doing to do what we were made to do?

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