What's Worth Focusing On

People are talking a lot about the weather these days. 

We're talking about how unrelenting the cold is, how we don't want to go outside, how we're getting cabin fever from being inside. 

No question, we are focused on the weather. 

At a New Year's Day party, I see my cousin. I start in on how brutal the winter air is. 

You know, my cousin says matter-of-factly, I don't bother focusing on it. What's the point? I can't control it.   

I've heard this before. But how she says it points the way to a realization: perhaps the things worth focusing on are the things we can control, change, or impact. 

How much mental real estate have I spent on other people's behavior and other people's driving, the senselessness of the news and crazy cost of almonds, gas, real estate?   

This is not a case for indifference or disengagement. Vote. Show up, speak up at town halls and planning meetings. Recycle. Fill out comment cards. And give money to excellent causes. Influence what we can influence. 

But when our focus is jerked in 99 directions or when we find our focus stuck on things beyond our control, a helpful way to recalibrate is to ask ourselves: What can I do something about? 

And then give our focus to that. 

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