Helping Each Other Become More Whole

One of my intentions for 2018 is to use certain words more. 

Ending more interactions with: Thank you. 

And ending more phone calls with: I love you. 

Signing more emails, letters: Love, and, Big Hugs. 

Saying more: That moved me when you...and, I was touched by how you...

And writing to people more: I'm thinking of you.

I may have regrets in life, but I don't want being stingy with these words to be one of them. If I feel them, I intend to communicate them, no matter how vulnerable or unprotected it may seem.

So many of us walk around feeling broken. Being thanked, loved, appreciated, cared for are some powerful ways to help us see our wholeness again.  

My intention is to offer these words - these tendernesses - more. Not with the expectation that they will be returned to me at some point. But with the hope that, word by word, we can help each other become a little more whole. 

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